2010's era

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Scale r/c boat decals

We no longer sell boat decals due to copyright issues. We do however, take donations for decals from our private collection. Just call or email and we can give you information on what we have. We also have many accessories available from hatch covers to extra names for your boat stand. If you don't see the boat you want just call and we will make them.

phone: 618.997.8687  

email: wcg555@gmail.com


Decal Sets from the 2010s Unlimited Boat Era

  • Miss U-25 Ken Muskatell Boyland Nissan 2010

  • Miss Albert Lee U-21

  • Miss Spirit of Detroit U-13 2010

  • Miss Peters & MayU-37 2010

  • Miss Winston Eagle lobster boat 2010

  • Miss Spirit of Quatar 2012-2014

  • Miss HomeStreet Bank 2017,2018

  • Miss Degree for Men 2011

  • Miss Elam 2015

  • Miss Beacon Plumbing 2014

  • Miss Graham Trucking 2015

  • Miss Chryster Jeep U-3 2010

  • Miss Boyland Nissan U-25 2010

  • Miss Rock U 99.9 2017

  • Miss Ace Hardware U-3 2016-2017

  • Miss DiJulio (U-3 wrap) 2016